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Hi, my name is Mark Waddell and I live in New Zealand with my colleague from the Chile. When I met him last year, he spoke good English, but I mean, who recognize that there are many English, they understood nothing. She looked at me blankly, if I'm with you 'double equivocal' spirit and, previously, the only one who is not laughing, when a group of the Chile, for a barbecue to collect. The two of us being very busy in our work which has collected Spanish has been slow and full of slang, and then in January, I decided to get a program of Spanish on the Internet. I was really impressed by the service of Mauricio and I must admit that I was skeptical at all firstly thanks to this offer on the Internet. I tend to learn formal and although in the rocket Spanish style me not much present. I was so wrong! The lessons are so informal and casual, just a word or two pick up quickly and in a few weeks, you will realize that you begin to understand the structure of sentences in Spanish. You can then the rocket official Spanish offers as part of the package. Language games is also interesting! Now, I have a general understanding of what they say in Spanish soon. I really don't think that would happen so quickly. I highly recommend the Spanish rocket for everyone, because it offers many opportunities to learn and has a great online support. I am very happy that I went online option, because it might choose, put in my free time and do not feel that I was. Once years ago, I joined a group rocket languages french login to learn French, but I felt it was worse and slower, so I missed a meeting. Well, it was at the time. They have never returned and said that our farewell to the experience of almost $ 150 a prevented me to believe that he could learn another language. It was my girlfriend, the momentum that he should learn rocket Spanish and want the device to do so. Now I have another few billion on Earth, I am convinced that entertained with and is an amazing gift. Learn quickly and without stress fault with Spanish course rocket expect. I find English Dictionary Spanish and diving every day to pick up new words. Venue autour! W Auckland, New Zealand 1485 mark critical. .